About Me

Elme Churr is a South African singer and songwriter from Pretoria.  She completed her Degree in Musical Theatre at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in 2007, where after she toured nationally with the South African Barnyard Theatre for 7 years.  Elme starred in some of the Barnyard Theatre’s largest and most successful productions, such as “Dancing Queen”, “Super Troopers”, Bonfire Hearts”, “Thank you for the Music” and many more.  She has also performed internationally in Zanzibar and Hong Kong.

Her solo career started soon after she left the Barnyard Theatre, and in 2017 she released her first album “Rooiwyn en Liefde”, which featured an amazing array of her most alluring songs.  Included on the album is “Jy is Alles”, which was recorded and also included the recording of a music video (as prize) when she won the 2014 Windpompfees Singing Competition.

Elme since released soulful, commercial music and has been exploring and finding her absolute musical best experiences. Elme’s single, Unbroken Hearts, was chosen as the theme song for The Grove Mall’s “Ice Spectacular”, where she performed the song live in front of thousands of spectators. She is currently working on releasing her latest album, just in time for Winter 2019. Her inspiration is derived from experiences, stories and people that touch her heart.  Her dreams are made of leading a wholesome life, about spending time together, about friendships and about enjoying every moment.  Her songs come from her life experiences and they have a way of telling a story which engages her listeners.

Elme’s love for music started at a very young age. Growing up she recalls how her father used to play the Organ on Sundays.  Her mother was also a member of many singing groups whilst attending University.

She remembers how her grandfather would play the Harmonica. Her mother also proudly speaks of her grandparents, who regularly sang at various church functions… Music has always been part of her life.

Whilst attending school, Elme took part in school musicals and also had many solo performances.  More recently, she has also been involved in several corporate functions and has worked with various successful brands. Elme appeared on various TV Shows as presenter or guest and is currently a host on a unique Netflix programme.

She confesses that she enjoys listening to Indie and Folk music, loves the outdoors, socialising with friends, animals and keeps fit by being active and doing Body20.  She also enjoys a good DIY-Project and has a passion for making gardening.


Elme admits that there are many local artists who inspire her, APPEL, Laurika Rauch, TWEE and Elvis Blue, to name but a few and she hopes to work with these artists in future. She also admires the work of international talents such as Ed Sheeran, Echosmith and Eastlove.

Elme has a powerful voice, which along with her bubbly personality, makes her a stand-out performer. She performs in English and Afrikaans with ease and gusto and to top it off, she has mastered numerous instruments, and plays Guitar, Harmonica, The Ukulele and kick - pedal to much delight of her audience. This also makes for enthralling shows and is the reason her fans enjoy her performances… Elme is here to stay and to share a journey worth listening to.