Strengthen Love

Elme Churr’s new single now available

22 February 2019

The songstress Elme Churr’s brand new single Unbroken Hearts, which is also the opening song of The Ice Spectacular Show, that will be presented at The Groove Mall in Pretoria from 30 November until 2 December, has just been released.
This pop song, written by Nerine Gardiner and composed by Vaughan Gardiner, tells the story that one can love again after a broken heart because it’s only then when you realise the power of love. Love can heal again.

“We wanted to release something that has a good pace and is perfect for the summer. It’s a real singing hit that can be enjoyed by old and young,” says Elme. According to the singer, the song means that one can get up again if you have fallen or injured. You can be stronger, better and in touch with that person who makes your heart beat faster.

For Elme herself the song means that there is a silver border around any situation and that character is built and strengthened from difficult situations. “I’m sure the audience will receive the song well and that they will be singing and dancing together,” the singer continues.

“The song has rhythm and there is some moves in the music video that will attract old and young to the dancefloor. The song really has a feeling of summer, sand and happiness.”

The music video which has been filmed at two venues - The Grove Ice Rink and Monte de Dios - takes the viewer to a fantasy world. Elme does not want reveal much of the  video, except that two actors, Luré Delport and Wim Grobler, are featured with talented  ice skaters in the video. “The music video is something different with great dances on  the ice and a strong storyline,” Elme explains.

Elme’s love for music arose when her father played the organ in the front of the house on a Sunday. Her mother is also very musical and belongs to several singing groups at  university. “I also remember how my grandfather played a mouthpiece, and the kids

climbed on his feet. My mom tells her mother and father regularly sang in church with inaugurations,” she said.

At school she participated in revues and regularly soloed. After school, she obtained her Music and Theater Diploma at the University of Tshwane (TUT) and regularly performed  in Barnyard productions nationwide. She has also been involved in many corporate  work with various brands and was only four years old when she shared her music with the public.

A highlight in her career so far was when she was invited to act during an opening of a Wallmart supermarket in Hong Kong and a guest on the SABC 2-program Musiek Roulette. Local artists like APPEL, Joe Foster, TWEE and Elvis Blue inspire her and she would like to work with all of them. She is also keen on international stars such as Ed Sheeran and Echosmith and announces that she is fond of Indie/folk music.

Elme writes and sings about events that inspire her and say that music must last for a lifetime. When she did not have a song talent, she would like to become a vet and would like to live with the motto: “God gave us music that we could pray without words.”

What does the public not know about Elme? “I have an unbelievably little heart when it comes to animals and will do everything in my power to even save and grow the smallest bird so they can fly again. Oh yes, and I’m not really a morning person, I enjoy my sleep too much,” she said.

The music industry taught her to be constantly innovative, but in fact she really is. On her biggest challenge, she says: “I’ll say, especially when I had to write my first few songs myself, I really did not know where to start. It taught me that discipline, endurance and a constant rhythm of trying to be the equivalent of success in confidence in yourself.”

Elme is currently working on her new album and hopes to release it early in 2019. Her plans for the future are to reach as many people as possible with her music and then she would like to act in the Royal Albert Hall. “The most important thing for me is to enrich people’s lives and make a difference,” she concluded.